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Embracing physical movement, tailored to the individual as an


Embracing physical movement, tailored to the individual as an essential part of a wellness lifestyle, where we can live a long, active life, truly living in the body, and reaching our potential in every way

All rates are subject to 10% service charge and 7% applicable government tax

Amatara Active Life Sessions These high-quality, personally tailored fitness sessions are delivered to you by our professional team, who truly embrace an active lifestyle, and who can adapt your session according to your current fitness level and fitness goals. Muay Thai Muay Thai is also known as the legendary ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’. A highly developed art, Muay Thai is one of the true all-round workouts which targets and strengthens numerous muscle groups. It works the core muscles in the trunk of the body by requiring both strength and balance, and improves agility while being a fun, challenging exercise session. Ideal for those looking to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength and burn fat. Muay Thai 60 minutes 1,800 Baht Pilates on the Mat A body conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination without adding muscle bulk. It improves mental and physical well-being, increases flexibility, and strengthens muscles through controlled movements done as mat exercises or with equipment to tone and strengthen the body. Pilates focuses on core strength and is often utilised to improve posture and prevent back pain. Pilates on the Mat 60 minutes 1,800 Baht Pilates Machine (Reformer) The Pilates reformer was developed by Joseph Pilates in order to support and enhance the effectiveness of the Pilates exercise method, and to allow a precise, intense workout. Like the Pilates mat workout, reformer sessions focus on core strength, posture, and flexibility, and help to tone the entire body. Pilates Machine (Reformer) 60 minutes 2,200 Baht TRX Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX), was invented by a navy seal to keep his fellow troops fit in remote parts of the world. Iit involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using just your own body weight. By changing the way you angle your body, every muscle can be engaged in a pull or push motion. Perfect for whole body toning, increasing fitness level and fat burning. TRX 60 minutes 1,800 Baht Kinesis Using multi-dimensional movement patterns, Kinesis will strengthen, stretch and co-ordinate the whole body while activating multiple muscle groups. Kinesis 60 minutes 1,800 Baht

All rates are subject to 10% service charge and 7% applicable government tax

Personal Training A personalised session designed to meet your specific goals, whether they be cardiovascular training, increasing muscle tone, reducing fat mass, strength development, improving body posture or better sports performance. Fitness consultation and individual feedback are provided to help guide your progress. Personal Training 60 minutes 1,800 Baht (initial session 90 minutes, including complimentary fitness consultation) Yoga The physical practice of Yoga is one of the 8 parts, or ‘limbs’ of an the ancient system designed to promote a high level of wellbeing, in mind, body and spirit. This physical aspect of yoga practice includes a series of asanas, or poses, and free flowing movements, often linked with the breath. The benefits of yoga are many, and include (but are by no means limited to) increased strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and concentration, better physical fitness, increased energy and after your session, a profound sense of relaxation. This session is tailored to all levels of yoga experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Yoga 60 minutes 1,800 Baht Assisted Stretch This is a wonderful session in which your fitness trainer supports you in a full body stretching session. Covering a complete protocol that stretches all the major muscle groups, your trainer will use PNF and passive stretching to help release muscle stiffness and help to improve your flexibility. This is an ideal session after any intense fitness exercise or simply as a means of working on your flexibility. Assisted Stretch 60 minutes 1,800 baht

All rates are subject to 10% service charge and 7% applicable government tax


Embracing physical movement, tailored to the individual as an

Embracing physical movement, tailored to the individual as an essential part of a wellness lifestyle, where we can live a long, active life, truly liv...

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